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Paul Whitener Jr.

Paul Whitener Jr. was born in northwest Indiana on Pope John Paul II's 58th birthday. Compounded by the fact that he was born to his mother Mary and his father, a carpenter, many believe that Paul may be the second-coming. Modest to a fault, Paul's only reply to these claims is a definite "maybe".

He spends his free-time around the Late Train turning water into beer. On the production side he records and mixes sounds and performs various post-production duties. Paul prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Paul is convinced that fellow Late Train member "Jeff Freeman" is in fact Danny Pintauro, child star from the popular sitcom "Who's the Boss?". The evidence speaks for itself:

In his defense, "Jeff" has proven he is not Danny Pintauro by having Alyssa Milano not visit the Late Train. So far his story holds up, but we still have our doubts.

Mr. Whitener Jr. can be contacted at