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Lloyd Thompson

Lloyd Thompson was born October 7th, 1977 in Fairbanks, Alaska. He spent his subsequent years moving from Alaska to California to Alaska to Oregon to California to Alaska to Indiana to California (and then tried out about 7 different places in California). Eventually he ended up in Texas and 25 years had passed. He had a B.A. in Anthropology from Indiana University and a beard of such substance and size, it caused small children to shove their heads into their mother's leg and whimper until he passed.

After shaving off the beard, he discovered that he was part of a faction, splinter organization known as "The Sons of the Late Train" that was plotting to overthrow the government and install a despotism based off fantasy writer RA Salvatore's best-selling trilogy "The Dark Elf Trilogy". He suggested that their efforts might meet with more hopeless futility if they were to try creative endeavors and the other members agreed. Thus "The Late Train" was formed and we done got drunk a lot.

Lloyd enjoys web design, occasional writing, as well his "hot host of hobbies" - which include coffee roasting and home brewing. Every piece he has appeared in for the late train, he has shot himself in the head. Hopefully, this will change very soon.

For the Late Train, Lloyd is the primary web designer, as well as a writer, brainstormer, and spiritual counselor

Mr. Thompson can be contacted at