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From 2002 - 2004, Aron Taylor worked at a movie theatre/restaurant here in Austin. Sometimes he'd hide under a counter to scratch out an occasional comic. They're not up to his usual standards, but they are quite entertaining.
I'm Never Wrong
"Yo. I used to work with a guy named Don at a movie theatre/restaurant. I used to bite people when they made me angry. I used to bite myself and stare at the teeth marks until they went away. Fresh Fish = Calming." -Aron Taylor
Your Mom Had Sex With Your Dad and This Is What it Looked Like
"Yo. I have hard evidence that your parents had sex, but the pictures are too gruesome to post on this site. Instead, I've compiled an artistic rendering of what I'm talking about. More evidence may turn up for this later since your parents do it so often - even if they're divorced... Especially if they're divorced."
I'm Afraid of Going to Work
"Yo. I used to work at a movie theatre/restaurant. When I was seven I used to apply for credit cards. I used to only get mail on birthday and holidays." -Aron Taylor
What do you mean you don't want to sleep with me?
"Yo. I used to work with a guy named David at a movie theatre/restaurant. I used to think that Bob Marley festivals were actually cool. The spell checker on my computer suggest "marly" instead of "Marley." -Aron Taylor
The Boy Who Didn't Like Anyone
"Yo. I used to work with Jeff Rose at a movie theatre/restaurant. My parents used to to think that I liked boys. I used to draw with my left hand, apparently." -Aron Taylor
I Need a Vacation
"Yo. I used to work with a guy named Jon at a movie theatre/restaurant. I used to live in Hawaii. I used to know this racist cop that claimed to be "cool with the skaters." -Aron Taylor