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Aron Taylor Joins the Late Train

Aron Taylor, a very likeable Austin-based person, has joined The Late Train Productions for the September 2004 - September 2005, September-based calendar year. The terms of Aron's contract were not disclosed at press time.

Above is the artist's own rendition of his own audition.

When asked what he expected to contibute to The Late Train, Taylor said that the possibilities seemed limitless.

"I don't know," said Aron Taylor. "I expect to be doing more of what the Late Train does, except with the added element of youth, because they are all old."

"We," said long-time Late Trainer Lloyd Thompson, "will pimp him."

For information on booking Aron Taylor, "interview requests" of Aron Taylor, or copies of Aron Taylor's "resume," please contact: Jeff Rose at the contact information listed at your brower's right bottom.